Artist statement

Freehand layered acrylic ink pointillism

Ann Maureen Meyer's artwork is inspired by the aesthetic of nature, the environment, and quiet places of natural refuge.

Believing that there are still depths to explore within the neo-impressionist movement her work re-investigates the relationship of light depiction and the artistic application of medium. Her drawings and paintings are meticulously worked by hand utilizing a time-intensive and densely textured pointillism technique that portrays imagery by means of an acrylic medium-based chromatic mesh. This hand worked layering and weaving of marks, though static, advances an impression of aura and resonance in its depiction of landscape. The variegated mist of color and value also represents natural settings, and their inherent gentle energies, with a unique visual softness.

These are small, concentrated works, in brilliant acrylic mediums, that combine a representation of the beauty of natural landscape with the aesthetic of intricate, freehand artistry.