Artist's Method

The Process

"This pointillism technique involves an application of acrylic ink with a dip pen. I work in layers, and I allow a layer to dry before applying the next layer. It takes a minimum of three layers to get a nice application of ink pointillism, but often there are many more, depending on the complexity of the color and detail. It is very time consuming, but when it is finished there is a visual softness in the result that you don't get with photography, digital art or traditional painting techniques." -Ann Maureen Meyer

"In my current 'Refuge' series of artworks, I am working with images of remote or hidden landscape where nature is thriving. I am not focused on politics or social commentary in these works. If anything, they reflect an attempt to portray nature and also to portray the energy that is within those natural settings. So they are more of a reflection on the spaces themselves and our human connection with those spaces. I also find the natural world amazingly beautiful as well. In this landscape, 'Refuge, Bosque del Apache, New Mexico,' I loved the fact that the area is a place of rest for North American bird migrations: it is literally a refuge for wildlife, and it is a place of aesthetic escape and reflection as well." -Ann Maureen Meyer